Unique designer and manufacturer of electrical insulation

Since 1946, NIV is manufacturer and designer of three ranges of products for electrical insulation:



A large range of flexible mono or multi-films insulators that can be impregnated with our resins, laminates, polymide base, NOMEX® (Dupont ™), glass netting, mainly for electric motors, automobile alternators and dry-type transformers.. Dimensional, mechanical and thermical choice possible.


RESINS (Impregnation / Coating / Encapsulation)

Epoxy type for applications in electrical engineering and electronics, polyurethane type for the coating of electronic boards, medium and low voltage transformers and condensators.



Epoxy, polyester and imide unsaturated polyester type (without VOC) for motors, rotors and stators. Four different impregnation techniques are used depending on the processing equipment, the type, the quantity of parts to be treated, and the desired result.

History of the French pioneer of electrical insulators

Designer and manufacturer of electrical insulators

Founded in 1946, first in Montpellier, SEG Dielectric based its head office and production unit in Poussan, in the Hérault department in 1978. In 1980, SEG created a sales office in Montreuil-Juigné for its material trading activity and electrical insulators intended for repairers of electrical coils and motors, as well as electronics professionals throughout France, as well as in Belgium and Luxembourg. SEG sells its ranges of electrical insulation products on all continents and has international groups and smaller structures among its customers. We are ready to provide our R&D department and our production tools in areas other than electrical insulation (contact us).
SEG is the only French designer and manufacturer of dielectric products. The industrial company exports to 55 countries.

SEG manufacturer of electrical insulators

A true family saga, SEG was keen to keep its medium-sized business structure. The company has been managed since its creation by the Mateu family, of which the current manager Alexandre, represents the third generation. The red factory covers 6 m600, since the extension carried out in 2. In this space, it manufactures insulation for low voltage transformers and medium power electric motors, and plans to focus on high voltage, among others.
In essence, SEG manufactures insulators for electric motors, then for electrical transformation, then today in the automobile with HEV / EV.
In addition, SEG is working to reduce its carbon footprint, particularly since 2013 with the installation of an oxidizer, making it possible to no longer release VOCs (volatile organic compounds) into the atmosphere. We have ISO 14001 certification and regular audits.

 The oxidizer installed in 2013
 In 2015, SEG launched the production of the “Four 105”, a coating line unique in France! It is equipped with a drying and polymerization oven. This unique coating line allows the production of large widths, up to 2000mm and with a minimum thickness of 23 microns. The "Four 105" produces prepregs and 100% polymerized products on different types of supports.

 Le Four 105, a coating line unique in France
In 2017, SEG joined the movement " FrenchFab »Which embodies the thousands of SMEs and mid-cap companies in the regions, sectors and large groups. Supported by the State, the Regions, professional federations, the Alliance for the Industry of the Future, the Movement of Mid-Size Companies, Business France and BPI France, the FrenchFab embodies the overhaul of French industry. An innovative industry, exporting and open to changes brought by digital, new technologies and the green economy.
dielectric insulators
On the strength of its know-how, the R&D department wants to encourage SEG to use its experience in materials to develop products for other fields of activity. Among the novelties developed by its laboratory, a range of self-extinguishing resins, which allow the supports where they are coated not to propagate a flame, or the Busbar project, specific insulators in electrical cabinets.
Here is, in a few key dates, the story of an innovative SME, which above all wants to defend and promote Made In France internationally. SEG manufacturer of electrical insulators.