Our Insulators Resins

For impregnation, coating or encapsulation.

SEG insulators resins

Insulators resins:

SEG offers two families of Resins, EPOXY Resins and Polyurethane Resins. All SEG Resins are two-component. Depending on your needs, we can offer you mono-component or tri-component resin.

Our sales teams are here to help you find the best insulating resin for your application.

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Health and Safety

Our Resins do not exhibit any particular toxicity.

However, we advise to operate in a ventilated room and to avoid any contact with the skin.

Refer to the CRAM brochure for the use of epoxy resins and their hardeners.

EPOXY Resins

insulating resins

Polyurethane Resins

encapsulation resin