Our EPOXY Resins

Their various physical and chemical properties and electrical characteristics make epoxy resins a material of choice for use in electro-technical and electronic applications. 

Epoxy resins are distinguished by the following properties:

  • Ability to withstand heat.
  • Resistance to thermal shocks.
  • Penetration (wettability).
  • Adhesive property.
  • Resistance to chemical agents.
  • auto-extinguibility.
  • Thermal conductivity through the addition of appropriate fillers.

Health and safety

Epoxy resins present no particular toxic character. However, we advise working in a ventilated area and avoiding all contact with the skin.

Refer to the CRAM brochure for the use of epoxy resins and their hardeners.

Preparishion of the resin

  • Epoxy resins are usally available in the form of two components reacting together either at room temperature or when heated.
  • Eventually heat the resin to around 50°C to avoid the phenomenon of cold crystallisation.
  • Mix the fillers together by a slow mechanical stiring at the bottom of the container, to avoid air inclusion (avoid decanting the fillers).
  • Add the hardener in the proportions indicated in the table and mix together with a slow mechanical action taking care to avoid air inclusion.

Using the resin

Depending on the type of resin and according to its use, it is recommended to:

  • Preheat the parts to remove any moisture and promote penetration of the resin by reducing its viscosity.
  • Pour the resin at room temperature and atmospheric pressure.
  • In specific cases, to optimise the resin’s characteristics, it may be used under vacuum, especially in the case of high voltage equipment. The absence of solvents allows to use in extreme vacuums (a few mbars).

Cautions concerning the hardener

  • Due to chemical properties of the hardener, we recommend not leaving it too long in contact with the air because of its sensitivity to moisture, and closing the package after use.

Storage conditions

  • From three to six months, depending on the product being kept closed in its original packing, away from sun and heat sources (store at less than 25°C).

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