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SEG will be exhibitor at CWIEME Berlin 2018!



The CWIEME Berlin (Coil Winding Insulation and Electrical Manufacturing Exhibition) is the largest and the most complete event for winding, insulation and electric manufacturing. It takes place every year in Berlin and is THE place for the industry of transformers, electric engines and power generation all over the world. The exhibition brings together retailers and suppliers, and shows the latest equipments, products, services and the mechanisms from leading manufacturers around the world including SEG). When it comes to important purchasing decisions, it is strategically important that customers can discover products on place, understand their function. Presentations and of demonstrations of new equipments and new processes will be set up, and the visitor can have information detailed during this world large-scale exposure.

The CWIEME will take place on 3 on Tuesday, June 19th in Thursday, June 21st, 2018 in Berlin